NCBI organismal classification (NCBITaxon)

An ontology representation of the NCBI organismal taxonomy.

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Archaea [NCBITaxon_2157]

[Archaea; organism]

Bacteria [NCBITaxon_2]

[Bacteria; cellular organisms]

cellular organisms [NCBITaxon_131567]

[organism or virus or viroid; cellular organisms; biota]

Danio rerio [NCBITaxon_7955]

[organism; Danio rerio]

Eukaryota [NCBITaxon_2759]

[eucaryotes; Eucaryotae; eukaryotes; Eukaryota; Eukarya; Eucarya; cellular organisms; in taxon; Eukaryotae]

Eumetazoa [NCBITaxon_6072]

[Metazoa; Eumetazoa; in taxon]

Homo sapiens [NCBITaxon_9606]

[Homo sapiens; organism]

Metazoa [NCBITaxon_33208]

[Metazoa; multicellular animals; Animalia; metazoans; Opisthokonta; in taxon]

Mus musculus [NCBITaxon_10090]

[Mus musculus; organism]

NCBITaxon_7227 [NCBITaxon_7227]


Opisthokonta [NCBITaxon_33154]

[Fungi/Metazoa group; Eukaryota; opisthokonts; Opisthokonta; in taxon]

Oryzias latipes [NCBITaxon_8090]

[Oryzias latipes; organism]

root [NCBITaxon_1]

[material entity; all; root]

Viroids [NCBITaxon_12884]

[organism or virus or viroid; Viroids]

Viruses [NCBITaxon_10239]

Stub class to serve as root of hierarchy for imports of virus types from relevant ontologies or terminologies. [Viruses; organism or virus or viroid; GO_0019012]

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