Zebrafish Phenotype Ontology (ZP)

The Zebrafish Phenotype Ontology formally defines all phenotypes of the Zebrafish model organism.

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abnormal(ly) absent adaxial cell [ZP_0005692]

[abnormal(ly) absent adaxial cell; zebrafish phenotype]

abnormal(ly) absent dorso-rostral cluster [ZP_0000386]

[zebrafish phenotype; abnormal(ly) absent dorso-rostral cluster]

abnormal(ly) disrupted diencephalon development [ZP_0000755]

[zebrafish phenotype; abnormal(ly) disrupted diencephalon development]

abnormal(ly) disrupted neutrophil aggregation [ZP_0005531]

[zebrafish phenotype; abnormal(ly) disrupted neutrophil aggregation]

abnormal(ly) malformed endocardium cell [ZP_0000199]

[abnormal(ly) malformed endocardium cell; zebrafish phenotype]

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