Canonical templates not only allow for spatial alignment of image data but also are often painted to make a reference atlas of anatomical regions.

Many central nervious system (CNS) templates exist for Drosophila, below we provide a summary of those used in VFB.

Central Nervious System from Janelia Research Campus JRC2018

VFB displays data aligned to either the JRC 2018 unisex brain template for cephalic or JRC 2018 unisex Ventral Nerve Cord (VNC) for non-cephalic data.

Bogovic et al., “An unbiased template of the Drosophila brain and ventral nerve cord”

The files are available from Janelia: JRC 2018 Brain templates

Adult Brain from Janelia Research Campus/VFB (JFRC2010/JFRC2)

Superceeded by [JRC2018]({{ < ref “#central-nervious-system-from-janelia-research-campus-jrc2018” > }})

Template brain created by Arnim Jenett (Janelia Research Campus), Kazunori Shinomiya and Kei Ito (Tokyo University) from a staining with the neuropil marker nc82.

The voxel size is 0.62x0.62x0.62 micron.

The files are available here.

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