Submitting new data to VFB

We integrate information from published papers and image data. See below for what to do if you have new data that could be incorporated into VFB.
The provenance of information, textual or image, is always acknowledged.

Tell us about your paper

Have you just had a paper published which describes new anatomical or expression information?
The best way to make us aware of your paper, and to put it on our curation list is to act on an email you will receive from FlyBase after your paper has been published. The link on the email points to the Fast-Track Your Paper Tool.
Using this tool you can provide information on what types of data your paper contains. If it has new anatomical or expression information you'll need to fill the sections, Anatomical data or Expression, respectively, in addition to any other suitable ones.
You can also use this tool for any other, previously published paper.

Do you have image data that could be incorporated into VFB?

Email us, and we will be able to give you advice on image requirements.
Ideally, you should contact us when you are still in the planning stages. But if you already generated a dataset, we'll still be able to provide advice.

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