Viewer overview

Using our Viewer, one can explore the anatomy, as well as view image stacks from datasets integrated by VFB. The Viewer is available from the homepage and from the menu 'Stacks'. Under that tab, the templates available on VFB will be shown. Select one template, and click 'Open the Stack Viewer. A green shortcut button is also available on the header of every page, on the right. The number on the button reflects the number of entities currently displayed in the viewer.

Viewer Overview

The Viewer page is divided into 3 areas:

  • the Stack Viewer and its navigation tools are on left;
  • on the right hand side is the term info window, where information about a term will be shown and where further queries can be done from;
  • the viewer menu with different tabs and functionalities is below the viewer.

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos introducing the tools available on the site are available below.

Tutorial#1: 3D Viewer

General introduction/overview of the Viewer.

Tutorial#2: Anatomy Tree and Search Box

This video shows how to use the Anatomy Tree and Search Box to locate and visualise Drosophila brain domains.

Tutorial#3: Anatomy and expression queries

This video shows how to display and use our query menu to search for anatomy (neurons and innervation patterns, images of single neurons, etc) and expression information (gene, transgene or phenotype) for a selected anatomy term. Both cases are covered in this tutorial.

This second video shows how to query for and look at clusters of similar neurons, as classified by NBLAST.

Tutorial#4: Query Builder

This video shows how to use the Query Builder to search for neurons that innervate two different regions, with the option of specifying the type of terminals (pre/postsynaptic). For example "what neurons connect the medulla and lobula plate".

Tutorial#5: Using VFB and NBLAST

The three videos below illustrate different ways of using NBLAST and VFB to find similar neurons or GAL4 lines that label specific neuron classes.
Doing an NBLAST search by neuron id

Doing an NBLAST search with a tracing

Doing an NBLAST search for GAL4 lines

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