Download of template files

Adult Brain from Janelia Research Campus/VFB (JFRC2/JFRC2010)

Template brain created by Arnim Jenett (Janelia Research Campus), Kazunori Shinomiya and Kei Ito (Tokyo University) from a staining with the neuropil marker nc82. The voxel size is 0.62x0.62x0.62 micron.

The files are available here.

Adult brain from BrainName

These are the template and accompanying supplementary image files of the BrainName paper (Ito et al., 2014). It includes:

  • A tricolor brain template (half-brain) displaying presynaptic (n-syb-GFP, green ), postsynaptic (GABA receptor targeted Rdl-HA receptor, blue) and cytoplasmic counter stains (Cytoplasmic DsRed, red).
  • An Amira file with the labelled neuropil fields.
  • An Amira file with the labelled tracts.
The files are available here.

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