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lamina monopolar neuron L2

ID: FBbt:00003720

Definition: A lamina monopolar neuron with short collaterals that project radially from the main projection in the lamina and that arborizes in medulla layer M2. In the lamina it receives input from photoreceptors R1-R6, lamina monopolar neuron L4 (collaterals from the same and adjacent columns), lamina intrinsic (amacrine) cells, centrifugal neurons C2 and C3 and lamina wide-field neurons Lawf. It forms postsynaptic connections in the lamina with photoreceptors R1 and R2 and lamina monopolar cells L1, L4 and L5 (Meinertzhagen and O'Neil, 1991; Rivera-Alba et al., 2011). It has both pre- and postsynaptic connections in medulla layer M2, with synaptic input coming from centrifugal neurons C2 and C3 (Takemura et al., 2008) and output to transmedullary neurons Tm1 and Tm2. It is a cholinergic neuron (Takemura et al., 2011) and is electrically synapsed to lamina monopolar neuron L1 (Joesch et al., 2010).

Comment: Cell connectivity in the lamina was determined by analysis of semi-automated EM reconstruction of 749 serial sections of 21 complete lamina cartridges. The number of synaptic connections for L2 (presynaptic/postsynaptic) in a single lamina cartridge with each cell type was the following: R1 (1/46), R2 (1/45), R3 (-/39), R4 (-/41), R5 (-/39), R6 (-/47), L1 (3/-), L4 (10/7), L5 (1/-), Lai (-/1), C2 (-/3), C3 (-/5) and Lwf (-/7) (Rivera-Alba et al., 2011). Connectivity in the medulla was extrapolated from serial EM of 3 columns from a single sample. Note that for many of the output synapses in M2, Tm1 and Tm2 share the same sites (Takemura et al., 2008; Takemura et al., 2011). Electrical connectivity was shown by dye labelling (Joesch et al., 2010). The neurotransmitter was assessed by single cell RT-PCR measurement of choline acetyltransferase (FBgn0000303) expression (Takemura et al., 2011).

    * L2 [EXACT] (FlyBrain Neuron DB: 10090)
    * monopolar laminar cell L2 [EXACT]

    * Meinertzhagen and O'Neil, 1991, J. Comp. Neurol. 305(2): 232--263
    * Rivera-Alba et al., 2011, Curr. Biol. 21(23): 2000--2005
    * Takemura et al., 2011, Curr. Biol. 21(24): 2077--2084
    * Joesch et al., 2010, Nature 468(7321): 300--304
    * Takemura et al., 2008, J. Comp. Neurol. 509(5): 493--513
    * Fischbach and Dittrich, 1989, Cell Tissue Res. 258(3): 441--475
    * FlyBrain Neuron DataBase [10090]

Parent classes:
    * lamina monopolar neuron     * cholinergic neuron

    * synapsed_to lamina monopolar neuron L1
    * synapsed_by photoreceptor cell R5
    * synapsed_to lamina monopolar neuron L4
    * has_postsynaptic_terminal_in lamina   See in the viewer >>
    * has_presynaptic_terminal_in medulla layer M2   See in the viewer >>
    * synapsed_to transmedullary neuron Tm2
    * synapsed_to photoreceptor cell R2
    * synapsed_to photoreceptor cell R1
    * synapsed_to transmedullary neuron Tm1
    * synapsed_by photoreceptor cell R6
    * synapsed_by photoreceptor cell R4
    * synapsed_by lamina wide-field cell
    * synapsed_to lamina monopolar neuron L5
    * electrically_synapsed_to lamina monopolar neuron L1
    * synapsed_by lamina intrinsic neuron
    * synapsed_by photoreceptor cell R2
    * has_postsynaptic_terminal_in medulla layer M2   See in the viewer >>
    * synapsed_by centrifugal neuron C2
    * synapsed_by centrifugal neuron C3
    * synapsed_by lamina monopolar neuron L4
    * synapsed_by photoreceptor cell R1
    * has_presynaptic_terminal_in lamina   See in the viewer >>
    * synapsed_by photoreceptor cell R3

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